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Revisited version. Includes several improvements which greatly enhance the stability of the deck.

Improvements :

      • Reduction of the internal width of the channels to 86mm
      • Controlled curing time of the veneers
      • Use of Grade-A veneers only.


      • 825mm (32,5″) long. Light and portable. Max Wheelbase 23,5”
      • Directional V shape. 244mm (9.6″) on its widest side.
      • Radial concave.
      • Flush mount.
      • Lid: 1.5mm Aluminum laser cut. An EDPM-foam gasket beneath the lid adds water/debris protection.
      • Integrated cable routing for up to 4 motors. Perfect for 4wd or dual diagonal.
      • (2x) 490 x 86 mm pockets (Allowing up to 4p glued 21700 modules sideways). Depth: 23mm.
      • Small pocket behind the main battery components to fit a BLE-Module, receiver or ever a micro BMS (See dimensions image).
      • Flat kick-tail. Easy installation of a custom 3d printed kick (thingiverse).




Weight 2.4 kg
Dimensions 835 × 244 × 25 mm
Grip Installation

no, yes


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